Layers and Colors of the North East | Denims and Flannels



Germantown, MD

I did not realize the importance in the concept of layering till I came to Washington D.C. I knew I had to wear thick jackets to protect myself from the subzero gusts, but I did not realize that later on those days it would turn into a sunny, dry, and windless afternoon. Likewise, the concept of paying to pick apples was just a foreign idea in my mind. Nevertheless, as a temporary resident of the East Coast and had to enjoy what it had to offer.



For Columbus Day weekend, I went to a bonding trip at an apple orchard in Germantown, MD. In the morning of the trip the glacial winds were so strong that it could’ve probably lifted a small animal off the ground. Going apple picking felt so nostalgic as the last time I went was with my family when I was 9 and still living in New York City. But now as an “adult” I can enjoy the surprisingly vast variety of apples from Jonagold to Pink Lady. It was one of the simplest, but relaxing experiences as it takes you out from the busy and hectic life in the city. Sometimes we all get caught up with the hustle and bustle of life and never take the time to go out, breathe the fresh (sometimes cold) air and witness the beauty of the changing of seasons.


Watch | Skagen – Wooden Bracelet | Aldo


Jeans | Folded & Hung – Boots | Palladium

For this afternoon excursion, I decided to go with the fall essential, the flannel. This is one of my favorite shirts as it gives you an effortless casual look. In addition, it could be worn multiples ways, you can dress it up by tucking it in with neutral colored chinos and a belt. If you want to go for a casual and effortless look, you can dress it down by wearing it unbuttoned with a white shirt and a hat. Since I knew the weather in D.C. can be unpredictable I decided to layer my flannel with ah hybrid denim jacket. By doing this I am able to just remove my jacket when it gets too hot. For shoes I wore my palladium boots to complete the casual rugged look.